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Baseball and softball for the Greenlake, Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Fremont, Wallingford and Ballard neighborhoods in Seattle.

Site and App Guide for Parents

Go to this page to learn how to login to your team's page through a web browser or the SportsEngine mobile app.


Baseball and softball seasons are in progress in North Central Little League with record high numbers of players out enjoying the game.  We recently added a list of Baseball Camps coming up this summer along with some discount codes, so check it out!



  • Games are still scheduled this weekend.  Seattle Parks & Rec is an awesome partner, and they plan to show up at 6:20 am to get Lower Woodland fields ready before the first games at 8:30 am, so as usual, coaches should assess fields and make a game time decision. 
  • Tee Ball games will move back to Upper Ross. By request, Seattle Parks & Rec just regraded the tee ball field this past week so it is much improved! As usual, coaches should check field conditions and make game-time decision on playing. 
  • Special Jamboree Activities are Canceled/Postponed. Home run derby, concessions and other festivities will not be happening on Saturday, but we are working on a new event. If you made bake sale items already, consider sharing them with your team! 
  • NO Photos this weekend. Stay tuned on an updated plan for photos. We are rescheduling with Yuen Lui and hope to have more information on that shortly. 

Register to Volunteer

If you'd like to coach, umpire, or otherwise give a hand to the league that is entirely run by volunteers -- and to get an opportunity to hang out with some cool people who live in your neighborhood -- please click the Register: 2022 NCLL Volunteers link below. Or visit our Volunteer Opportunities Page for more information.

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