2021 Season FAQ

Our website has a lot of information on it, but here are the things most parents want to know prior to registering. Unless specified, the information applies to both softball and baseball. If you're ready to register your player, click the Register button in the upper-right corner or go to the Registration Instructions page for more detailed instructions on how to register.

What effect will COVID-19 restrictions have on the 2021 season?
There are, of course, a number of uncertainties about how the pandemic will play out in the spring/summer. However, we're committed to play according to our Little League district's safety plan.

If I elected to forward my 2020 fees to 2021, do I need to register again?
No. If you elected to forward your 2020 fees, you are already registered. However, you should login and review that registration to insure your player is assigned to the right division. If you believe your player should be in a different division, please edit your player's profile and indicate that in the question dedicated to such requests. Please do not register for the different division. This will create two registrations for your player.

Am I registering for the right Little League?
Your eligibility to play for a local Little League depends on where you live or where your player goes to school. Consult the League Boundary page for more information.

What are the dates of the season?
The older divisions (10-12 year olds) will start practicing in early March so they can be ready to start playing games in late March or early April. The younger divisions typically start practicing in mid-March for games starting in mid-April. Exact dates will be provided shortly. The season typically ends in mid-June, usually the week classes end for Seattle Public Schools. We appreciate your patience while we determine dates this season in uncertain conditions.

Can girls play baseball and softball?
Yes. All baseball divisions and tee-ball are open to all genders. Softball is reserved for girls only.

What are the age groups in which the kids play?
Within each "program", softball or baseball, the age ranges are divided into "divisions", such as AAA, T-Ball or Majors. When you register, you may be offered enrollment in a few programs/divisions based on your child's "league age" and gender. For details on how to determine "league age" and to see what divisions you player is eligible for, consult the League Age/Divisions Chart page. 

How often do we play or practice?
The older divisions (10-12 year olds) will either practice or play three times per week while younger divisions practice or play twice per week. Practices run from one to one-and-a-half hours. Note that factors such as weather and field availability can increase or decrease those numbers in any given week. Exact dates for practices and games will be determined shortly after teams are formed in mid-February.

Where do we play/practice?
NCLL's "home fields" are

  • Lower Woodland Park Ball Fields,
  • B.F. Day Elementary Playground, and
  • Ross Park Fields.

However, when playing teams from other local Little Leagues, we can play many other places around town, although seldom outside of a 30 minute drive. For a complete list with links to mapped locations, consult this page.

Will I need to provide any equipment?
Your player will be provided substantially everything he or she needs to play except for a mitt, protective cups for boys, and cleats . (Regular sneakers are acceptable too.) You may provide your own helmet, bat, etc. provided it meets Little League standards. Consult this page for more information.

What about uniforms?
The cost of uniforms is included in the fee. Uniforms differ by division/program. Consult this page for more information.

How much does it cost?
Fees have remained unchanged for a few years now. The fee differs depending on division and program. At NCLL, we believe no child should be denied the opportunity to play the Great Game solely due to cost. Financial aid is available. For the numbers and more information on how to apply for financial aid, consult this page.

What if I want to "help out"?
NCLL is run entirely by volunteers, from the board of directors to the parent who helps herd cats at a T-Ball practice! The experience is widely held to be richly rewarding, as it should be. If you'd like to coach or even manage a ball team, please let us know at your earliest opportunity as those roles will be filled soon after registration starts. We are also always looking for umpires, Player Agents and Division Coordinators.

Contrary to myth, umpiring in Little League, while demanding, is immensely rewarding and gets more fun the more you do it. To say nothing of the camaraderie that goes with being a member of Team Blue. We would especially like to add to our growing ranks of women umpires. 

Whatever role you want to fill, please consult our Volunteer Opportunities page and when you find the right role, write to Kevin Kane, our board president.

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