Weather & Rainouts

Who calls a rainout?

If the City of Seattle determines fields are unsafe to play on, then practices or games scheduled on those fields cannot be held. Even if the City of Seattle does not close the fields, team managers and league officials may decide fields are unplayable in advance of play. Umpires are empowered to halt a game in progress if, in their sole judgment, they believe conditions unsafe for play.

How do I find out about rainouts?

The City of Seattle communicates field playability through the Rainout Hotline at (206) 233-0055. The hotline recording is updated Monday through Friday at 3:30 p.m. Or go to the Seattle Parks & Recreation field reservations page to sign up for emailed updates.

Note: The Parks Department hotline is not updated on weekends. If the Parks Department believes the fields are unsafe to play on, the only indication is that they will place a sign at the field indicating it is closed, which is unusual. Therefore, on weekends, field playability is usually at the discretion of the managers/other league officials.

To communicate rainouts for games or practices, NCLL uses the registration system. Within your profile, you can determine whether notifications are sent to you via email, text message or voice call. (You can choose all 3 options.) Log in to your account to setup your preferred method of communications now! 

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