2021 Season Registration

Our 2021 season is at an end. Check back here in December for registration for the 2022 season!

2021 Season Registration Instructions

The registration steps below apply to both softball and baseball. Want to know about what equipment you'll need? Where we play? Important dates? Consult our 2021 Season FAQ.

Step 1: Determine If Your Player Is Eligible to Play for NCLL

North Central Little League is in Washington's District 8 and encompasses parts of Wallingford, Greenlake, Fremont, Phinney Ridge, Greenwood, and Ballard. Your player must live or go to school within NCLL boundaries to play for NCLL. Consult the League Boundaries page for details, including a list of eligible schools.

Although during registration you will be asked to provide documentation attesting to your player living or going to school in NCLL boundaries, this is not required.

Step 2: Determine the Appropriate Division For Your Player 

In the registration process, you will enter your player's birthday and will be offered to enroll in one or more programs/divisions depending on his or her "league age" and gender. To find your player's league age in advance, and to see which division your player is eligible to play in based on his or her league age and gender, consult the League Age/Division Chart page.

For more details on each division, please see the following pages.  

Baseball Divisions Overview | Softball Divisions Overview | Challenger Program Overview

Please note that this year we are starting a new baseball division: Intermediate. Designed for the 13 year-old boy or girl too old to play Majors but doesn't want to play on the 90' basepath diamonds that Juniors play on. The game will be played on the same diamonds as AAA/Majors but the basepaths will be 70' long and the pitching surface will be 50' from home plate.

can make a specific request during registration for your child to play in a division above or below the one for which he or she is eligible. The request must be reviewed and explicit permission must be granted for a player to play in a higher or lower division. The exception to this is league age 10-11 players who played in Majors division last year. You may simply register them for Majors. If you do request your player be permitted to play in a higher division, the league will assess your player's abilities (see below) and take the following into consideration when deciding if he or she can play in a higher division:

  • Can the player play safely and competently in the upper division?
  • Feedback from previous coach
  • Composition of teams and number of players in division
  • Division parity

In addition, all players wanting to play in AAA, Majors, Intermediate, or Juniors, irrespective of the division in which they played last season, must also be assessed. It is not necessary to indicate that in your registration.

You will be notified via email of the dates, times and locations of the assessments. At the assessment, the Player Agent will review your player's abilities with the goal of promoting competitive balance in leagues and teams. Once registered and placed on a team, you will be contacted by the coach of the team your player is assigned to.
All kids will make a team.

For more information on player assessments, including when, where and how to prepare, please see the assessments pages for:

Baseball Assessments | Softball Assessments

Once your player is assigned to a division, the team to which he or she is assigned is based on policies specific to the division. Team assignments are expected to be completed by late Feb but there is often movement even after this date to insure competitive balance, accommodate late registrations, etc. Please see the team assignment pages for more information.

Baseball Team Assignments | Softball Team Assignments

Step 3: Register Online

If you're a new user to our online registration system, click the Register button above and create an account. If you're a returning user, click the Login button. From there you will be directed to our registration system. (No mail-in registrations will be accepted!)

Note that if you elected to carry forward your registration from last year, you are already registered! However, please check the details, especially your player's division. If you want to play in a higher or lower division, modify your player's profile and add that request to the area dedicated to that question.

If you did not carry forward last year's registration, or are a new registrant, payment can be made with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) at checkout time. For registration fees, please see the Fees and Financial Aid page.

Note: Please select the payment plan option called "$20 Downpayment", instead of paying in full, to ease the administration and expense to NCLL of issuing refunds in the event you opt out or we cannot play. For just $20 (plus a $3 site fee), you can reserve a spot on an NCLL team for as many players as you want.

At NCLL, we believe every child should be able to play regardless of ability to pay. If you wish to apply for a scholarship for your child, please click here prior to registering.  
If approved, we'll provide the necessary information for you to complete the registration process.

After the official registration period is over, registration will be accommodated on a space available basis, even for returning players. If your player's age group is closed, a waitlist option will be available. Your credit card will not be charged unless a spot is made available for the player.

Step 4: Volunteer

North Central is run entirely by volunteers. The league relies on parent and community involvement to be successful. Please consider volunteering for one of the club level or team level positions. You can indicate how you want to help during online player registration.

Please see our Volunteer Opportunities page to see where we need help most.

Registration is required for all volunteers. Anyone who has regular contact with players during games or practices must complete the online volunteer registration and submit to a routine background check. Within 48 hours of registering, you'll get an email from JDP, our background check vendor, with instructions for what to provide them. Please complete the questionnaire as soon as possible after receipt.

Contact the Head Registrar at [email protected] for any other questions or review our registration policies.

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