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Junior & Senior Baseball Player Assignment Process

Prior to the league draft, a pairing of one team manager and one assistant coach is allowed whose child(ren) will be automatically assigned to their team. Additional arrangements involving players in the draft pool is prohibited.

The team selection process is a two-step process; player assessment and a calibrated assignment.

a) Player Assessment

Juniors players are first evaluated in a comprehensive skill evaluation and then teams are formed based on the composite scores from the evaluation (and manager evaluations from the end of previous season if available).

The detailed format of assessment scoring will be at the discretion of the Player Agent(s) and Division Coordinator(s).

All data from the skill evaluations will be entered by skill and will end with a single composite numeric score (based on a special algorithm that converts running to be comparable to the other skills) for each player. Player scores will be placed in rank order from highest to lowest and separated by league age.

Player assessment information is strictly confidential and not shared with players or parents of players. The Division Coordinator is responsible for this information.

The Division Coordinator is responsible for confirming all players' eligibility.

b) Calibrated Team Assignment

1) Step 1: League Player Assignment
Players will be placed on teams in a serpentine draft according to their league age and the rank order of their composite scores by the Division Coordinator. Teams are referred to by number at this point in the player placement process, not team names. Player names and pitcher/catcher information, if any, will be listed on the team formation matrix.

2) Step Two: Division Coordinator Re-Alignment

  •  Modification 1: Manager's and 1 Assistant coach's child(ren) are identified so each team will have one Manager's child and one Assistant coach's child on the roster.
  •  Modification 2: Any siblings are put onto same roster.
  •  Modification 3: Any parental requests for their child to be put on a certain team - for a reason that ensures their ability to participate in the program (medical, transportation, or other hardship) - are considered.
  •  Modification 4: Player changes are made to balance teams for aggregate skill scoring, pitching, catching and any other factors the league officials believe best achieve the Parity Priority. Any player selected to an All-Star team the previous year shall be identified.

3) Step Three: Manager Input
The Managers and Division Coordinator meet together to look at the teams and make further adjustments based on the Managers' knowledge of the players from recent assessments, previous seasons, and Manager feedback from the previous season. During that process the following will be entertained for team parity and balance:

  •  Adjusting teams to ensure each Manager has a committed, competent assistant coach.
  •  Adjusting teams based on knowledge of position play.
  •  Adjusting teams to create parity based on Managers knowledge of or relationships to players.

4) Step Four: Select/Multiple Sport Players
Over the last few years, the number of players playing both juniors/seniors and select sports has increased. It can be difficult for managers to manage select players given their limited availability for games and practices.

To deal with this reality, and still maintain select players on the teams, players/families will be asked if they are playing on more than one team. Those players will be put on team rosters after the teams have been developed from the pool of players not also playing select ball.

5) Step 5: Final review
Final review and approval of the team selection by the Division Coordinator, and Team Managers is made.

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