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AA Division Baseball Player Assignment Process

1) Each AA team should consist of 12 players and should not exceed 14 players.

2) The Division Player Agent, with assistance from the Division Coordinator and League President, will perform the initial team assignment based on the following criterion:

  • Prior Season Team Assignment. Players will remain on their same AA team while in the division unless a change is requested by the player. Team integrity when moving between divisions (ie. A to AA) is not guaranteed but efforts are made to keep teams / coaches together.
  • Family Request: Player requests for friends / coach on registration will be accommodated as much as possible.
  • School: Without an assignment made from the preceding criteria, players will be assigned based on the school they attend when available.
  • Team Size: Teams will be limited to size based on the leagues maximum player limit, if player's requests force a team over the league limit, removal of players from the team will happen in reverse order of above criteria until the maximum limit is met.
  • Division Parity: Although this is not a competitive division, efforts will be made to maintain a comparable team skill sets through team assignments.

3) The initial team assignments will be reviewed and refined as appropriate in conjunction with the team managers.

4) Once assigned players cannot be traded or otherwise changed without the explicit approval of the Divisional Player Agent. All team modifications must be approved by the Player Agent.

5) A manager's son or daughter will be assigned to their team.

6) A manager in AA has the authority to arrange for two Assistant Coaches prior to the team assignment process. Assistant Coaches' son or daughter will be assigned to their team. The Assistant Coaches are subject to league approval.

7) 8 year olds are eligible for AA based on having played at least 1 year of Coach Pitch, prior coach's recommendation and Player Agent approval.

8) 10 year olds are not eligible for AA unless it is determined by the Player Agent that a significant health/safety risk exists.

9) Modifications to the AA team assignment process are pursuant to the NCLL Board approval process.

10) There shall be absolutely no recruiting, ad-hoc agreements, or other arrangements made by coaches, assistant coaches, or any members of current teams other than those allowed by the rules of NCLL. Coaches and parents should behave within the spirit of the league and not engage in activity that promotes competitive advantage in anyway.

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