Player Agents & Division Coordinators

NCLL strives to recruit and train managers/coaches whose primary goals are...


  • To teach their players the greatest game ever invented,
  • To teach their players the value of teamwork, respect for authority, and sportsmanship, and
  • To give their players an opportunity to have fun!

But managers and coaches are human too and occasionally issues arise. A concerned parent should first approach the manager or coach with any issues. If the matter cannot be resolved that way, it's best to turn to our Player Agents. These volunteers are the advocates for the players in their divisions, helping to assess what division they should play in and otherwise providing a go-between to the League Board. Here are the Player Agents for each division: 

Player Agents:

A & AA BaseballTobin Dale
AAA & Majors BaseballGarret Carlson
Juniors/Seniors BaseballTodd Versaw
SoftballDavid Dicks
Summer Baseball (includes all-stars)
Jeff Hough
For issues related to fields, games, and league logistics contact your Division's Coordinator.

Division Coordinators:

A BaseballKelly Tyler
AA BaseballJeff Hough
AAA & Majors Baseball
Scot Mar
Juniors/Seniors BaseballMike Lettunich
Stan Ryter
 All-Stars (Baseball & Softball)Chris Robinson 

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