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Umpire Training

To prepare for the upcoming 2020 season, NCLL is hosting training for umpires, managers and coaches to review and learn Little League Umpire basics and get hands on practice in umpiring.

NCLL Umpiring 101

Pat Murphy, Umpire in Chief for NCLL, and Tom Clark, Director of Umpires, will hold a clinic on the basics of Little League umpiring and some local rules at a time and place to be determined. The following material will be discussed. Umpires are strongly urged to be familiar with rules, game management, etc.

NCLL Umpiring 101 Powerpoint Deck: Pat uses this deck to guide the session. A good place to start! Contains rules (including the 10 most commonly misunderstood ones), scenarios, registration/scheduling procedures, and links to additional resources.

NCLL Umpire Training Curriculum: Pat's guide to areas to study including roles & responsibilities, signals/calls, uniform/equipment, and game management.

NCLL Baseball Rules and Misc FAQ: Contains rules & guidelines specific to NCLL and a comprehensive FAQ on common game situations.

Little League International Umpire Clinic (referenced in curriculum): Prepared by Little League International. Valuable guide to field mechanics and details on recognizing and enforcing rules on obstruction vs. interference, catcher interference, illegal pitches, infield flies, and other situations an umpire will most likely encounter.

Additional Training Resources

  • NCLL Umpire Training Resources  here 

For questions about umpiring for NCLL, contact the NCLL Umpire Director and the UIC at [email protected]

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Post Season/All-Stars

Umpiring the games that will ultimately lead to the College World Series in Williamsport is an excellent opportunity to work with veteran umpires from around District 8 and to see some high-quality play from the best seat in the house. There are two major differences between umpiring post-season play and the regular season: 1) Substitution rules become more pronounced because a continuous batting order is not used and because tournament rules on matters such as minimum play and special pinch runners differ from those used in the regular season, and 2) You are typically working a 4-ump crew instead of the 2-ump crew you see most frequently in the regular season, so the mechanics are different.

District 8 has provided four documents to assist the umpire new to a 4-ump rotation and the unique tournament rules associated with substitutions, minimum play, etc.:

4-Ump Mechanics by Position -- This document organizes what to do given where the ball is hit and what runners are on base by position.

4-Ump Mechanics by Situation -- Similar to the above but presents the mechanics each umpire is expected to execute given where the ball is hit and the position of the baserunners.

Animated Guide to a 4-Ump Rotation -- Similar to the above but shows the movements of the umpires given the situation and where the ball is hit. For best results, download this document, open it in Microsoft PowerPoint and place the app in Presentation Mode so you can see the movements.

Summary of Tournament Rules (Baseball) -- This one-page cheat sheet summarizes the rules on pitch limits, minimum play requirements, substitution procedures/limits, and so on, for baseball. 

Summary of Tournament Rules (Softball) -- This one-page cheat sheet summarizes the rules on pitch limits, minimum play requirements, substitution procedures/limits, and so on, for softball.
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