NCLL Umpire Training

Umpires are strongly urged to be familiar with rules, game management, etc.

NCLL Umpiring 101 Powerpoint Deck: A good place to start! Contains rules (including the 10 most commonly misunderstood ones), scenarios, registration/scheduling procedures, and links to additional resources.

NCLL Umpire Training Curriculum: Our guide to areas to study including roles & responsibilities, signals/calls, uniform/equipment, and game management.

NCLL Baseball Rules and Misc FAQ: Contains rules & guidelines specific to NCLL and a comprehensive FAQ on common game situations.

Little League International Umpire Clinic (referenced in curriculum): Prepared by Little League International. Valuable guide to field mechanics and details on recognizing and enforcing rules on obstruction vs. interference, catcher interference, illegal pitches, infield flies, and other situations an umpire will most likely encounter.

For questions about umpiring for NCLL, contact the NCLL Umpire Director and the UIC at [email protected].

Softball Rules Clinics

District 8 hosted two softball rules clinics for umpires and managers.

-- Session 1, 2 hours long, recommended to watch all.
-- Session 2, recommend just watch first 1.5 hours

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