Umpire Overview

Quality officiating is key to a fun and successful baseball season for our players and parents. By ensuring that the game is played by the rules the kids can focus on playing the game; coaches can focus on teaching skills & strategy; and parents can enjoy supporting their players.

We need you. As an umpire you make a valuable contribution to North Central Little League. We will train you and will not ask you to go beyond your comfort zone.

We were very fortunate to have had several new Umpires join our corps last season, allowing us to staff many regular season games with a Base Umpire as well as a Chief Umpire at home plate. During the play-off games we often fielded three or even four officials.

For information on training to be a Little League umpire, see our Umpire Training page.

If you have a friend you can bring into the program (whether a League Parent or just someone who might enjoy being on Team Blue), e-mail us at [email protected].

All Umpires must register with the league using our online registration system. (See below.)

Umpire Registration

Umpires need to complete the Coach/Volunteer registration through our website.

Many umpires are parents of players. During the player registration process, parents may inform us that they are interested in umpiring. You must still complete your umpire registration.

Note: Anyone who has regular contact with the players during games or practices must complete the online registration and provide information for a background check.

Umpires must complete a 2 step registration process.

1) Online: Complete the Umpire registration through this website. Click the Register button if you're a new user or the Login button if a returning user. Once logged in, in the left-hand nav, choose Volunteer and it's pretty easy from there.

2) Background Check: All umpires must pass a background check.  The league will initiate a background check through a third party, JDP, after you're registered.  Within a few days of registering, you'll get a message from that links to the JDP form you need to complete before JDP can run the check. 

Once you've registered as an ump and completed the background check, you may start umpiring games.

Safety Policy

Umpires play a significant role in reducing the probability of injury so our youth can enjoy playing baseball and softball. For details on the umpire's role, see the NCLL Safety Policy Page.

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