Safety and Logistics

Rules and Governance:

These are the on-field rules we use that are specific to NCLL and District 8.

  • Little League Website: NCLL's governing body. Information about all aspects of Little League baseball administration, rules, and organization
  • NCLL Local Rules: See our NCLL Local Rules page for more information
  • Your Division Coordinator will also distribute annual District 8 specific rules. In 2019 that included supplemental rules governing pitcher safety restricting pitch counts to 50 or less the first month of the season.  These supplemental rules are key parts of ensuring the safety of your players

Field Maintenance:

Please go to the Seattle Parks Field Prep and Field Maintenance document for more information.


NCLL Managers and Coaches always err on the side of caution when making decisions impacting athlete safety and well being. All Managers are trained on the NCLL Safety Plan and on concussion protocol. See our Safety Policy page for more information, including concussion awareness.


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