Volunteer Opportunities

Our Little League is run entirely by volunteers. The league relies on parent and community involvement to be successful. Please consider volunteering for an open league volunteer role or team support position - or both!

NOTE: We are running low on help. Many seasoned volunteers, with players that are about to age-out of the league, perform the majority of the off-season work. For the league to continue its successful run we need the next generation of leadership involved now.

Our volunteers do the following:

  • Register/assign over 600 kids, 100s of coaches and managers & dozens of umpires.
  • Schedule over 60 teams, 500 games & thousands of practice/training sessions.
  • Maintain/distribute over 600 jerseys (in numerous sizes), thousands of baseballs, and safety equipment.
  • Coordinate, allocate, and help maintain a limited set of play fields.
  • Raise funds through the sale of apparel.
  • Support managers and coaches with snacks, pictures, Mariners Day, the Jamboree.

If you are interested in helping, please contact me.

Kevin Kane
NCLL President


Open Volunteer Positions

Player Agents:

The Player Agent is an essential position in Little Leagues. S/he runs assessments (at AAA and Majors) level, oversees team formation, team transfers, call ups, All Star team formation, and is an advocate for the players and parents throughout the season. This job is major commitment of time from December through the start of the season and then the time commitment is less during the season until just before All Stars.

Division Coordinators:
The Division Coordinator's role is to support team managers in the logistics and operations of the season. Among their duties are meeting with managers and coaches prior to the season to insure alignment on goals, schedules, playing time requirements, and so on, working with managers on schedule issues during the season, enforcing pitch count reporting, serving as a resource to managers on safety, equipment, rules, etc. and helping administer the post-season playoffs. The role is crucial to Little League because it insures coaches spend as much time coaching as possible.

Social Community Coordinator:

Donations/Direct Appeal:
This person will coordinate the annual direct appeal for donations to support NCLL. S/he will prepare the material to be sent to parents and sponsors and will provide material for the webmaster to post on the NCLL site.

Umpire Support 2nd:
Our Director of Umpires can always use some help scheduling umpires for games, using preferably our fine volunteer umps, or if necessary, professional ones, to insure adequate coverage of the games. This position will require some modest effort throughout the season.

Equipment/Uniforms/Storage 2nd:
Our directors of Equipment and Uniforms oversee gear and clothing for what amounts to an infantry battalion. Organizing storage and distribution of it all is a huge effort, especially early in the season. They could use some help. This position will be a busy one early in the season and at the end as the gear needs to be gathered up from the teams or our fields and stored for the next season.

Schedule Support:
Especially early on but even as the season wears on, scheduling dozens of teams across several fields and even a few other local Little Leagues requires a lot of help. This position will assist the Director of Scheduling with that task.

Company-Paid Volunteer Time

Many companies in this area (e.g., Microsoft) will donate to NCLL as much as $25 per hour for your volunteer time! Don't miss this opportunity to support your local Little League with volunteer time AND with a cash donation from your employer at the same time. Please consult with the Human Resources department of your employer to determine if such a program is offered and how you can make it happen.

How to Register as a Volunteer

Per Little League Int'l regulations, any person, even a parent of a player on the team, who interacts with the kids during practices or games MUST get a background check covering criminal convictions. The first step is to register as a volunteer. Once you do that, within 24 hours you'll get an email from our background check vendor, JDP, with a link to a confidential questionnaire. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes to complete and results typically come back to the league within 24 hours. It is free to you and strictly confidential.

Here's how to register as an NCLL volunteer:

  1. Login to your account on this site.
  2. Go to the Account area by clicking on the My Account button.
  3. Click Volunteer in the left-hand nav.
  4. Click the Find Volunteer Roles button.
  5. Click the appropriate role.
  6. If in doubt, choose Assistant Coach.
  7. From there just follow the path.


We appreciate your help. If you have any questions, contact our registrar at [email protected].

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