Safety Policy

Policy and Mission Statement:

North Central Little League is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for youth to learn and enjoy baseball and softball. Our Safety Officer for the 2020 season, Colin Hayes, is preparing a briefing with which all coaches and umpires should be familiar. It details procedures, practices and rules NCLL follows to insure our children can play in a safe environment and what to do when injury does occur. Parents are encouraged to read it as well.

Official NCLL 2019 Safety Manual

Safety Briefing from Safety Officer, Colin Hayes

Medical Releases

Parents are required to provide a medical release form to the manager of their child's team and he/she is required to have it at all practices and games. 

Medical Release Form


This year for the first time, parents registering their player were required to indicate they were familiar with the symptoms and treatments of concussion. At the safety meeting before the 2019 season, coaches and umpires were treated to a presentation from Jeremy Johnson, MD, MPH of Polyclinic Sports Medicine on concussion awareness. His presentation material is posted here. All coaches, umpires and parents are encouraged to read it.

Physical Injury Prevention & Treatment

At the same safety meeting before the season, Shannon O'Kelley, president of Integrated Rehabilitation Group, presented material on common injuries sustained by Little Leaguers and how to reduce the chances they occur through exercises, mechanics and policies (i.e., pitch counts). His presentation material is here. All coaches, umpires and parents are encouraged to read it.

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