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2024 Summer Season Frequently Asked Questions

2024 Summer Ball Season - We need Volunteers

Hello NCLL Baseball and Softball Families!

We're so excited for the 2024 Summer Ball season, but we need your help to ensure it runs smoothly for all our players!

What we need:

We are still looking for parent volunteers to help with coaching and managing teams. We know vacations will happen, and that's okay! Even if you can only help with a few games, every little bit counts.

Why we need you:

  • Majors and Teen Baseball: We need parents to bring the gear, help set up the game, keep the kids safe, and handle any unusual situations. It's easy and fun, and the kids love having the freedom to manage themselves. The more advanced players can help coach bases as long as they wear a batting helmet!

  • AA/AAA Baseball & Softball Sandlot: We need adult dugout managers, base coaches, and umpires (and a parent pitcher for AA). AAA kids love coaching bases too, just keep it safe!

  • A Baseball Sandlot: For A-sandlot, a group of committed parents works best to create parity, fun, and safety. 

Even if you can't coach:

We still need your help! Every team needs a parent manager to remind everyone to RSVP and bring the gear bag. It's a small but important role that helps keep everything organized.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or can lend a hand. Let's make this a great season for our kids!

Sign up here!  2024 summer ball coaching sign-up sheet

*Sandlot style means the kids show up and teams are based on who is there and ready to play ball. This way, there is no commitment to one team and families can come and go.


Here are the things most parents want to know prior to registering. Unless specified, the information applies to both softball and baseball. If you're ready to register your player, click the link at the bottom of the page.

Am I registering for the right Little League?
For summer ball, anyone is welcome! League boundaries don't apply.

What are the dates of the season?
Summer ball is projected to start around July 10 and last five weeks. As the dates firm up, better information will be posted to our calendar page

What are the age groups in which the kids play?
All softball players will be placed into a single division and divided into teams on game days ("sandlot" style). Within baseball, the age ranges are divided into divisions: A, AA, AAA, Majors, and Teen. When you register, you may be offered enrollment in a few programs/divisions based on your child's "league age" and gender.

Please note: For summer ball, older/more advanced players in each division are encouraged to "play up" one level from the previous regular season.

Baseball Age Spring Division Played Summer Division Notes
  A   See Below
8-9 AA AA Very strong 9s may request AAA
9-10 AAA AAA Very strong 10s may play Majors
10-11 AAA or Majors Majors Developing 11s may remain in AAA
12-15 Majors / Juniors / Seniors Juniors/Seniors Developing 12s may remain in Majors
  Softball   See Below

Softball Sandlot
Softball will be Sandlot style and is open to experienced AA players and kids playing AAA next year. Roughly, the kids are currently in 2nd through 4th grade. The League Age Is 7-10, but the core should be 8-9. For help, please contact our NCLL VP of Softball with questions.

The games will be sandlot style, meaning maximum flexibility for families over the summer. Players will have been in single-A or Coach Pitch already—NOT directly from T-Ball.

How often do we play or practice?
There are no scheduled practices for summer ball. Each team will likely play two evening games per week.

Where do we play/practice?
NCLL's "home" fields are:

  • Lower Woodland Park Ball Fields,
  • Ross Park Fields.

However, when playing teams from other local Little Leagues, we can play many other places around town, although seldom outside a 30-minute drive. For a complete list with links to mapped locations, please visit here.

Will I need to provide any equipment?
Your player will be provided with substantially everything he or she needs to play except a mitt, protective cups for boys, and cleats (regular sneakers are acceptable, too.) You may provide your helmet, bat, etc., if it meets Little League standards. Consult this page for more information.

What about uniforms?
The cost of uniforms is included in the fee. Your player will receive a jersey for summer ball. Wear your cap from your regular-season team!

How much does it cost?
Summer ball is just $53, so show up for the weeks you can make, and enjoy your vacation when you can't!  Scholarships are available; just inquire!

*Note: PLEASE do NOT buy the registration insurance. It is a required part of the SportsEngine platform, but it is rarely useful.  If you need to cancel, just let us know.

What if I want to "help out"?
NCLL is run entirely by volunteers, from the board of directors to the parent who helps herd cats at a T-Ball practice! The experience is widely held to be richly rewarding, as it should be. If you'd like to coach or even manage a ball team, please let us know at your earliest opportunity as those roles will be filled soon after registration starts. We are also always looking for umpires, Player Agents and Division Coordinators.

Contrary to myth, umpiring in Little League, while demanding, is immensely rewarding and gets more fun the more you do it. To say nothing of the camaraderie that goes with being a member of Team Blue. We would especially like to add to our growing ranks of women umpires. 

Whatever role you want to fill, please consult our Volunteer Opportunities page and when you find the right role, click the Volunteer Registration link below.

Okay, I'm In. Now What?

If you're ready to start registering your youngster to play, click the Register: 2024 Summer Ball link below.

The Registration "2024 Summer Season Frequently Asked Questions" is not currently available.